drawing inspiration from the things around me, i find, is the best way to begin a line of work. whether it be a conversation with a stranger, a walk in unfamiliar places, a literary influence, or even the seemingly mundane commute on a wednesday evening, there truly is inspiration in everything.

i realised this whilst watching raindrops stream down a train window, each turn and bump the carriage made changing its course. i pondered on the way that it behaved, manipulated by the environment, and how it created abstract shapes that my mind interpreted into a whole fairytale of characters. i thought about the way i could manipulate paint on a canvas to have a similar effect, and the mediums that could be used to create this. it was there that my journey with abstract art started, as a means to express myself when words failed - and that was just a gateway to trying out every creative endeavour I could access.

since then, i have continued to take inspiration from the everyday and from the ordinary, and have branched out to explore new ways of creating. i am endlessly curious and infinitely passionate about art in all forms, and i carry that curiosity with me everywhere i go.

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