frequently asked questions

an item i want is sold out - will it be restocked?

due to the nature of my artwork, it's impossible to recreate the same piece twice. everything for sale is completely original, unless it is a print. if you have your heart set on a specific piece, please get in touch, and i can either arrange a commission piece for you, or get a print of the piece you wanted.

do you ship worldwide?

in the online store, i am currently only shipping domestically to the UK due to Brexit. however, if you are further afield and would like to purchase a piece, please get in touch to discuss and arrange shipping!

i'm not happy with my order - can i get a refund?​

i work hard to ensure customer satisfaction with every order. if you are unhappy with your order, please see the refund policy.

what does 'Mons Igneous' mean?

the name Mons Igneous derives from the Latin translation for volcano; 'mons' meaning 'mountain' and 'igneous' meaning 'having solidified from lava or magma'. this stems from my fascination with volcanology and avid love of geology.

what are your paintings 'of'?

my paintings are largely open to interpretation. i have a condition called synaesthesia, meaning that i see sounds as colours, and that things such as smells, letters and months have their own colour profiles for me. sometimes i paint my emotions, take inspiration from recent events, translate songs or dates into a visual format that can be understood by anyone and everyone. oftentimes I take my inspiration outright from nature, particularly geological formations, as this is where one of my main passions lies. you may notice a lot of my paintings are named after rocks, or different volcanology terms.

what is synaesthesia?

according to the UK Synaesthesia Association, this is the definition of synaesthesia: in its simplest form it is best described as a “union of the senses” whereby two or more of the five main senses that are normally experienced separately are involuntarily and automatically joined together. some synaesthetes experience colour when they hear sounds or read words. others experience tastes, smells, shapes or touches in almost any combination. these sensations are automatic and cannot be turned on or off. synaesthesia isn’t a disease or illness and is not at all harmful. you can read more about synaesthesia here.